Letitia Wright has moved on from the anti-vaccine controversy

In the hour-long video, a self-proclaimed “prophet” who wasn’t in the medical field shared his skepticism about vaccines and even got transphobic at points.

Amid backlash over her post, Letitia tweeted that she would be cancelled, writing: “If you don’t live up to public opinion. But ask questions and think for yourself… you will be deleted 😂”

After further criticism for sharing the video, Letitia eventually apologized – then deleted her Twitter account.

Letitia wrote: “I didn’t mean to hurt anyone, I ONLY meant to post the video to raise my concerns about what is in the vaccine and what we put into our bodies. Nothing else.”

Looking back on the controversy now, Letitia says she wants to move past it.

“I feel like I experienced that two years ago and moved on in a healthy way,” Letitia said in an interview. the Guardian.

He continued: “And I apologized in a healthy way and I deleted my Twitter. I just apologized for any hurt I caused anyone.”

Asked if sharing the video was a misrepresentation of his values, he replied: “That was exactly my apology. He said it wasn’t me and I apologize.”

In response to fans who thought the video made her a “transphobic, homophobic anti-vaxxer”, she replied: “These are things that are not me and I’ve apologized and moved on.”

As for whether she ended up getting the shot, Letitia dodged the question.

“I apologized and moved on. Next question. Thank you,” Letitia told the interviewer.

While it’s unclear where Letitia stands on vaccines now, it sounds like she doesn’t share her views on how to move forward.

You can read everything Letitia had to say here.

For more information on the COVID-19 vaccine, visit CDC website.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/alexgurley/letitia-wright-anti-vaccine-video