Kristen Bell told her daughters to make mushrooms

Kristen Bell likes to be “really, really honest” with her kids — but she might have gotten a little carried away too honest lately.

The actress explained that her honesty policy with daughters Lincoln, 9, and Delta, 7, backfired when her mother came to visit.

He says it all started when he experimented a bit on his 40th birthday two years ago.

“I’ve never done drugs and I wanted to try mushrooms for my 40th birthday, so my husband got them for me and I tried them,” Kristen explained. Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Kristen says she eventually told her children about the experience, but didn’t realize the girls could tell others.

“It backfired a couple of weeks ago because my mom came to town, and she’s more conservative than me,” Kristen explained.

He continued: “I heard my daughter talking to my mom or grandma and she said, ‘I’m so glad they’re sharing all these things with me. So anyway, mom really wanted to try the mushrooms, so…” “

Kristen says she was immediately saddened when her mother found out she had tried hallucinogens.

“I just walked by it and I was like, ‘Ahhh, ahhhhhhhhh. For some reason, I’m more worried about telling my mom than my daughter,” Kristen laughed.

When Jimmy asked if she was sure her daughter knew that these were *special mushrooms* – different from what you find in the kitchen – Kristen confirmed that they understood.

“Their father is in recovery, so he’s very honest about what alcohol does to your body, how it makes you funny and makes things worse,” she said. “What drugs do to your body and why most drugs are illegal and all.”

Kristen didn’t say how her mom reacted to the whole thing, but I sure want to know!