Kendall Jenner Accused Of ‘Always Photoshopping Her Waist’

Last year, Kendall Jenner caused backlash when she was outed for apparently photoshopped images that sparked widespread body insecurity among fans.

The model took part in a photoshoot for her sister Kim Kardashian’s Skims brand and shared several photos of herself on Instagram wearing a ‘micro thong’.

Kendall looked sensational in the pictures and within minutes her long legs, svelte waist and flawless skin were being talked about on social media.

Many women at the time admitted they were unhappy with their own bodies after seeing the photos, with one fan writing: “How can I be okay with my body when Kendall Jenner looks like this.”

Twitter: @undersumrskies

In fact, the conversation became so extensive that Kendall herself finally weighed to reassure fans that he has “bad days” too.

Kendall quoted a tweet that read: “I have 99 problems and looking like Kendall Jenner would solve them all,” and insisted: “I’m an extremely lucky girl. I am grateful for all that I have. but I want you to know that I have bad days too and I hear you!”

I am an extremely lucky girl. I am grateful for all that I have. but i want you to know that i have bad days too and i hear you! you are beautiful the way you are!!! it’s not always as perfect as it seems❤️

Twitter: @KendallJenner

“You are beautiful just the way you are!!! it’s not always as perfect as it seems,” she added.

But not long after, the popular Instagram account @problematic reputation She pointed out how different Kendall’s body looked in the video footage from the shoot than in the photos she posted on Instagram.

Juxtaposing the stills, the report drew attention to the unrealistic proportions of Kendall’s “heavily photoshopped” first picture.

They wrote: “This photo is very photoshopped. Kendall is obviously very beautiful, but those aren’t her true proportions, and they aren’t anyone’s. please don’t compare yourself to heavily edited pictures. even Kendall doesn’t look like this irl.”

They also accused Kendall of overusing a ‘smoothing’ filter as they said the skin around her bikini line ‘looked ridiculous’. They added: “No one looks like this. Girls have lines, razor bumps, discoloration, etc. Nobody’s completely smooth down there.”

The report then pointed out an apparent error in the background of the video Kendall shared, implying that she had edited the footage as well.

As a result, Kendall was called out for spreading “harmful” ideas about what a body should look like, with one person tweeting: “no shame in telling ppl that Kendall is photoshopped in those pics because yes, sexy, but so is he. …it literally looks nothing like irl. no one is naturally built like that, but to young teenage girls, Kendall makes such a harmful impression.”

no shame in telling ppl that kendall is photoshopped in those pics because yes she’s sexy but also…she literally doesn’t look like irl. no one is naturally built like this, but giving young teenage girls an impression of Kendall is so damaging

Twitter: @p1ggysm4llzreal

But more than a year later, people are once again expressing their disappointment after noticing that Kendall regularly photoshops her waist to make it look smaller.

Taken away Reddita user shared the selecting photos compares the paparazzi shots of Kendall in a swimsuit to the photos she posts of herself on Instagram.

One of the comparisons appears to have been made on the same day as Kendall wearing the same green swimsuit, but the waist is noticeably more defined in the social media post.

The OP pointed this out Kendall’s inconsistent photos They appear to remain more “understated” than her famous sisters, who are often asked to edit their pictures, adding: “Imagine having the body and still needing photoshop.”

And others admitted that seeing the side-by-side photos made them feel “sad,” especially considering Kendall’s influence as a famous model and reality TV star.

“It’s often very obvious around the waist, but people are so used to photoshop and filters that they apparently have no idea what’s anatomically correct or not,” one person wrote. “It’s really sad, especially for younger girls who are growing up around distorted bodies and distorted images.”

Someone else added: “This makes me so sad. it puts into perspective that even if you have the ‘ideal’ body, you will still imagine flaws and you will never be truly satisfied.”

A third person commented: “She’s always photoshopping her waist, it’s ridiculous.” Another said: “Kendall is desperate to be a skinny fat girl, which of course she’s not.”

“It’s an obsession and a curse,” concluded another. “Once you start using Photoshop/filters, you don’t like how it looks without them.”

Kendall’s sisters have often been exposed for photoshopping their social media posts, and Kim was recently caught editing a bigger muscle to make her neck and back look smaller.

And one Reddit user addressed this in the thread, writing: “I feel sorry for all of you with this crazy photoshop/plastic surgery.”

“The whole family is beautiful, yet they feel the need to constantly present this fake version of themselves,” they continued. “It really messes with their mental health.”


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