Jimmy Garoppolo throws 4 TDs in San Francisco 49ers MNF win

4-TD Jimmy G

4-TD Jimmy G
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It’s been a while since Jimmy Garoppolo threw four touchdown passes in a single game. The last time was on December 8, 2019. That day, Garoppolo went toe-to-toe with Drew Brees in a 48-46 win at the Superdome. It was the game that changed the minds of many who didn’t believe Garoppolo could lead the 49ers to a sixth Super Bowl championship.

Last night at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City, Jimmy G threw for four touchdowns in a much less convincing game. The 49ers went into halftime up 17-10 against the shorthanded Arizona Cardinals. With 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Cardinals pulled second baseman Colt McCoy — last night’s starter due to injury — and San Francisco returned the favor by telling Garoppolo to keep his baseball cap on for the rest of the game. won the game 38-10.

With eight games left in the regular season, the 49ers have clinched first place in the NFC West. Hopefully, for NFL viewers, the difference between first and second place will be close enough to rekindle the rivalry between San Fran and the Seattle Seahawks from the previous decade at Lumen Field on December 15th.

Even if the 49ers prevail during the most important one Thursday night football That probably won’t be enough to remove the one dark cloud hanging over the team. Can Garoppolo win it all?

Football is the most team-based of all team sports, so Garoppolo is far from alone on the field. In fact, the offense he leads is more talented than the one he guided to a home NFC championship and Super Bowl appearance in the 2019 season.

Deebo Samuel was a rookie then and has become one of the best offensive weapons in the NFL today. Instead of 32-year-old Emmanuel Sanders, the 49ers will have 24-year-old Brandon Aiyuk as their other top wide receiver this season. The backfield is lethal with Christian McCaffrey and Elijah Mitchell. On defense, Fred Warner, Nick Bosa, Talona Hufanga and company continued the crushing ways that have defined the franchise for the past 10 seasons.

But even with those four touchdown passes, Garoppolo didn’t look like the player he was in 2019. He threaded the needle on the first touchdown pass to Aiyuk, but the other three came mostly from the YAC talents of the 49ers’ pass catchers. .

Kittle did the same thing Monday night that he did to the Saints linebackers in 2019. He shook them off his body like a chill as he headed for the endzone. Aiyuk’s second touchdown catch required a nifty run, and Samuel’s only points on the day were a rushing touchdown at the end.

Against the Saints, Garoppolo kept an eye on defenders and made some tight throws in the middle of the field. It was enough to make some critical NFL analysts refuse to find fault with him that day. But it’s not like he’s been throwing 17-yard darts up the seam or launching moon balls from 50 yards downfield to a step catcher. It was Sanders who converted this 50/50 ball on a 75-yard touchdown pass. Kittle’s game-winner hinged on his effort after the catch.

Against the Cardinals, Garoppolo threw for just 229 yards, compared to the 349 he threw for Drew Brees’ Saints in the waning months of pre-pandemic America. He kept his passes much shorter and sweeter last night, averaging just under eight yards per attempt, compared to nearly 10 yards in New Orleans on Sunday.

As a team, the 49ers looked like they were the evil troll the rest of the NFC had to put up with come playoff time, but at no point did Garoppolo show any special way of playing that was different from the player he was. The player he delivered an NFC championship to last season was the last in a 49ers uniform.

He and the 49ers are stuck together for the duration of this season. If they want to win a championship and Garoppolo wants his contract offers to look better in the spring of 2023, he needs to find a way to reach another level, even if it’s only temporary. If not, those eight touchdowns in three seasons will be a career high.

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